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Train Changes Proposed

A renewed push is underway to electrify the Danbury train lines, and extend rail service north to New Milford… all with the ultimate goal of giving many folks a faster commute. State Representative Bill Buckbee of New Milford, is proposing a study of the use of hybrid trains on the Metro-North, which would include the feasibility of operating hybrid trains on the Danbury line, which is currently diesel-powered. State Representative Bob Godfrey of Danbury agrees, and is now one of the co-sponsors of Buckbee’s proposed bill.

Shop Around for Best Electric Rates

Electric rates dramatically shot up as of the beginning of the new year, leading some folks here in Connecticut to other/third party energy providers. The supply fee… which is the cost of actually delivering the power to your home or business is what has increased the bottom line of your bill. However, for now anyway, you can often find electricity being sold from a third party provider… a company other than say, “Eversource or United Illuminating,” at a lower rate. The cost difference can be dramatic too… often as much as 50% to 60% less! You can compare rates online, but once a switch is made, it takes one moth’s billing cycle before the change takes effect.

New Milford Library Water Leak

The New Milford Library has suffered damage after a pipe burst over the weekend. Firefighters responded to an alarm there Saturday afternoon around 2, and discovered the children’s area and basement was flooded, and water was pouring out of a connection when crews arrived. Water and all other utilities were shut off to the building, which has been under renovation for months. A grand opening was planned for February 18th, but it now looks like that will most likely be delayed. According to a Facebook post on Saturday, New Milford Mayor Peter Bass said he will issue an update today or Tuesday.

Southbury Budget

A budget proposal under consideration in Southbury would include adding a police officer. The spending plan offered by First Selectman Jeffrey Manville, calls for a municipal budget for the upcoming fiscal year of $22.6 million… a 2.88 percent increase over the previous year. Inflation, rising fuel costs, and wages are the main reasons for the bump. A minor part of it will cover the cost of adding another police officer, bringing the town’s police force up to 25 members.

Ridgefield Kiosk Proposed

In Ridgefield, a downtown directory which would include a map and would also display town news, has been proposed. If it comes to fruition, it would be put up in front of Deborah Ann’s shop, which is considered by the Ridgefield Economic and Community Development Commission, as the hub of downtown. A kiosk there would include a detailed map giving the location of all downtown businesses. If it gets the official approval, it could be up and running by this spring, and it would be accessible 24/7.

Unclaimed Funds

The Connecticut Treasurer’s Office says the state has around $1.4 Billion in unclaimed money, and some of that cash could be yours. The money is in the form of uncashed checks, forgotten savings accounts, unclaimed insurance policies, and misplaced refunds. The massive amount is in addition to a record breaking payout of unclaimed funds in 2022… $70.7 Million. To find out if your name is on the list of those who are owed money, just visit

Wilton Jobs

While some manufacturers here in Connecticut still face a labor shortage, one local company hopes to buck the trend. ASML is the world’s largest semiconductor-equipment manufacturer, and they already employ more than 2,500 workers in Wilton. Now comes word that ASML plans to add another 1,000 or so names to the payroll. The jobs will be added over the next several years in order to meet rapidly increasing demand for their products and services. ASML is now one of the fastest-growing companies in the semiconductor-equipment business.

Bethel Disturbance

Two people hurt in Bethel in what police are calling a disturbance at a home there on Reservoir Street. When officers responded to a call from the house late Tuesday night, they found two people in need of medical care. Police have not released specifics of just how the two people were hurt. There has been no update on their conditions so far today. Police have said however, that there is no threat to the community.

6th Elmer’s Diner Shooter Arrested

A 6th person has been arrested in connection with a shooting last summer at Elmer’s Diner in Danbury. 27-year-old Shanice Cole of Waterbury was arrested January 26th, and is now facing charges including carrying a pistol or revolver without a permit, and accessory to illegal discharge of a firearm in connection with the shooting that happened around 4am on July 24th of last year. Cole was identified as one of four suspects who fled after an altercation that took place inside the restaurant which led up to shots being fired. 5 others have already been charged.

Danbury Youtuber Found Guilty

The self professed “Youtuber” who was arrested about a year and a half ago while he was filming inside Danbury City Hall, has been found guilty of one of two charges he faced. 31 year old Sean Reyes of Long Island, New York, was originally charged with simple trespass and creating a public disturbance following the incident dating back to July 2021. Reyes pleaded not guilty to both charges and decided to face trial at state Superior Court in Danbury. On Monday, he was found guilty of simple trespass, but not guilty of creating public disturbance and ordered to pay a $90 fine.

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