Ridin' The Bull Home
3:00pm - 6:00pm
Ridin' The Bull Home

Contest Rules

1.) You must be 18 Years of age.

2.) You or any member of your household may not have won a prize within 30 days or if the same contest continues for more than 30 days, you may not win the same contest or prize more than once.

3.) You or any member of your household may not have played any WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4 game within the last 7 days.

4.) You agree to permit "WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4'' to replay your winning phone call for promotional purposes.

5.) Employees of WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4, its advertisers, employees of other radio stations and family members of the preceding are ineligible for any contest on ''WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4''.

6.) WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4 reserves the right to disqualify winners for any of the above reasons even though the on-air announcer has stated the contestant is a winner.

7.) WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4 reserves the right to change the rules of the contest during the contest, with the changes becoming effective upon broadcast of announcements of the changes and also reserves the right to cancel the contest in whole or in part.

8.) All winners must claim their prize within 30 days or the prize becomes null and void. Winners must pick up their own prizes and present a driver's license or other form of photo id.

9.) Decisions of WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4 management in all contests are final.

10.) WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4 makes no express or implied representation or warranty regarding the quality, fitness, or reliability of any non-cash prizes.

11.) Any taxes and/or gratuities associated with the prize giveaway are the sole responsibility of the winner.

12.) WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4 disclaims any responsibility for misdelivered mail, telephone busy signals, computer malfunctions, acts of God, etc., which prevent a listener from participating in a contest.

13.) WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4 reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal value in the event that the original prize becomes unavailable. Prize winners must accept the prize announced without modification or substitution.

14.) Prizes already claimed by the prize winner will not be replaced.

15.) Any person/household that wins a valued prize at $600.00 or more may not be eligible to win for 12 months.


16.) Only persons who live in the following counties shall be eligible for contests on WDAQ/WLAD/WAXB/WDAQ-HD2/WDAQ-HD3/WDAQ-HD4: Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven counties in Connecticut and Putnam, Dutchess and Westchester counties in New York State. 

Ridin' The Bull Home
3:00pm - 6:00pm
Ridin' The Bull Home