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Shelters continue to be open for resident impacted by severe weather
Eversource is reporting that substantial restoration of service to much of Brookfield should be made by Sunday Afternoon, but town officials caution that some side roads and roads with significant damage may take longer to restore.  Town officials thanked the Volunteer and Career Fire Department, Law Enforcement and EMS personnel involved with the Regional Strike Teams that deployed to town to help with the aftermath of the storm. 
Brookfield High School shelter continues to be open and is accepting pets, for those needing it.  Water containers can be filled at the Police Station on Silvermine Road, at the Pocono Road Firehouse and at the Candlewood Company Firehouse on Bayview Drive in the Candlewood Shores.
A senior representative from Eversource has been working with the Newtown Emergency Response Team.  First Selectman Dan Rosenthal cautioned that 48 hours from the storm, this is the time when patience is low and accidents can happen. He urged caution when clearing properties and out driving.
Eversource appears to have made some significant progress in restoring  electricity to some Greater Danbury area towns.  Bethel and Ridgefield saw enough tree clearing and power coming back to reopen schools for the first time since Tuesday. 
Eversource estimates restoration in Bethel will be "substantially complete" by midnight tonight. However, some Bethel homes are supplied via a circuit that runs through Newtown, which suffered worse damage. First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says they have been advised that some homes may not be restored until Sunday.

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