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Brookfield residents approve budget on third try

The third time was the charm in Brookfield for getting a budget passed.  Overall spending was increased about 2.8 percent and will result in a 3.85 percent property tax rate increase.  The $23.9 million municipal budget was approved by about 500 votes while the $42.7 million school plan passed with a margin of about 300 votes. 


Part of the spending increase was due to $485,000 for elderly tax relief accidentally removed from the budget last year.  Much of the increase was due to a rise in special education costs and a cut in state aide. 


Overall the budget proposal was reduced about $600,000 since it was first rejected last month.  On the municipal side, $102,000 in capital projects were removed and the town is ending a recycling event that had strong participation.  The Board of Ed will leave a secretary position vacant, rely on tutors in place of a second ESL teacher and put off upgrades to a computer lab.

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