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The northern end of Danbury in the Candlewood Lake area took the brunt of the storm. Fire, Police, and EMS crews continue to work through the damage while also responding to multiple emergency calls throughout the city. The Fire Department and Danbury Hospital EMS responded to multiple fires, medical emergencies and service calls throughout the last 72 hours.



The Fire Department drone team responded to the Forty Acre Mountain Road area to assist in surveying where the most damage was reported. 


The Western Connecticut Dispatch Center received approximately 1000 emergency and non-emergency phone calls.   Fire and police units responded to over 200 emergencies in the immediate aftermath of the storm.  



(Photos: Danbury Fire Department)



Mutual aid resources from West Redding Fire Department and American Medical Response Ambulance Service responded to aid in the response efforts. Redding Fire Department supplied a crew with an all-terrain vehicle which was able to get manpower in to the areas were roads and neighborhoods were in-accessible.



As power restoration efforts continue, shelter operations are coming to a close. Area residents in need of NON- POTABLE water can stop into any career fire station and utilize our garden hose to fill up. 

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Eversource has discovered additional storm damage in Bridgewater and New Milford.  As a result, restoration estimates have been taken down.  The utility says restoration work is active and they will post updated information at a later time.  In total, Eversource has come across 1,300 broken poles and more than 200 miles of electric line needing replacement.


Eversource did bump up the expected restoration time for New Fairfield from Sunday at noon to Monday at 11:59pm.  As of 9am on Saturday, about 85-percent of the town is still in the dark.


Newtown remains as one of the more hard hit municipalities.  Eversource is still estimating that substantial restoration won't be completed until noon on Sunday.





Some 200 utility workers from the eastern part of the country and Canada arrived in Danbury Friday night and are being put up at a WCSU dorm on the Midtown campus.  100 utility trucks are parked in and around WestConn. University spokesman Paul Steinmetz says each utility worker will get a keycard so they can come and go as needed.  Commencement is tomorrow so the building is empty. Newbury Hall is normally a dorm for first-year students.

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The Candlewood Lake Authority and FirstLight is reminding shorelines residents of some safety information.

Electricity can energize the lake water. Falling branches and uprooted trees can become tangled with electrical wires and become energized.


Damaged structures should be inspected for safety before entry. Docks, debris and vessels should be secured to the shoreline where possible.  Trees and other debris have blown into the water and there could be new unknown submerged hazards.

Several hazard buoys have broken free or have moved, so boaters are asked to exercise extreme caution when navigating on the lake. The Candlewood Lake Authority is working to locate and replace the buoys and remove or secure the floating debris.

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The Danbury War Memorial continues to be open as a shelter for residents who need a place to shower and charge electronics.  There are also some cots available.  Mayor Mark Boughton says there likely will be Eversource customers without power after their estimated restoration goal. 
There are 18 crews working in Danbury.  Boughton says there were some streets that look like they were destroyed by Tuesday's storm.
Danbury intends to reopen school on Monday.  The last day of class would be June 29.
The Sherman School is available as a shelter throughout this weekend. Showers are available 6am to 10pm.  Sherman Volunteer Fire Department is asking for volunteers to assist at the shelter. 

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The Brookfield town brush yard, located between town hall and the fire department, is open for resident to drop off brush, but not logs.  Brush should not be placed on the roadside as Brookfield does not have the resources to do pick up.

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State law requires students to be in school 180 days. To be in compliance with that law, Bethel would need to be in session on June 25th and 26th.  District can appeal to the State Board of Education to go to less than 180 days, and Bethel is exploring that option. Superintendent Christine Carver says the most significant concern is the heat in the schools without air conditioning. 

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Despite storm recovery efforts continuing, the Household Hazardous Waste Day is scheduled for today is still on.  The collection from 9am-2pm is at the Newtown Public Works Garage on Turkey Hill Road.  The event is for residents of Bethel, Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, Redding and Ridgefield.

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The Academy of International Studies in Danbury has been named as a 2018 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School.  The facility was recognized for its commitment to sustainable practices.  AIS was one of two magnets schools chosen nationwide.  The kindergarten through fifth-grade school is open to all Danbury students as well as students from area towns through a lottery system. 

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A Bethel man has been endorsed by the Democratic party to challenge a freshman state lawmaker.  Raghib Allie-Brennan  was tapped to run in the 2nd state House district.  The seat is currently held by Republican Will Duff.  The district includes parts of Bethel, Danbury, Newtown and Redding.

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Damage to the Connecticut State Parks impacted by Tuesday’s storm continues. As of Friday four parks remain closed, Sleeping Giant, Kettletown, Wharton Brook, and Squantz Pond. 
Sleeping Giant, Kettletown and Wharton Brook have suffered extensive damage and will remain closed for several days. Squantz Park is expected to reopen early next week. Chatfield Hollow, which had been closed following the storm, reopened this morning.  EnCon officers have increased patrols of the closed parks, failure to obey the closures of these parks could result in an infraction or arrest for trespassing.
The Pond Brook State Boat Launch in Newtown, the Lake Zoar State Boat Launch in Southbury, and the Squantz Pond State Boat Launch in New Fairfield may not be accessible this weekend.
Nearby parks to Kettletown State Park include: Southford Falls in Oxford and Indian Well in Shelton.
Nearby parks to Squantz Pond State Park include: Putnam Memorial in Redding and Bennet’s Pond Ridgefield.

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As of yesterday afternoon, there were still more than four dozen roads blocked or partially blocked by downed trees and wires in Newtown.  There are 26 Eversource crews in Newtown. 
Data is being collected by the town's emergency response team as Newtown and others seek federal aid through FEMA.  State lawmakers are working to get waivers from the Department of Education for having fewer than 180 days of class.
Newtown Police say the lake side communities were completely destroyed by Tuesday's severe weather.
Police shared drone footage of the Lakeview Terrace neighborhood that is located off of Lake Zoar.
Emergency Management officials told the Newtown Bee that there were reports of small cottages in the area that were flattened or pancaked by the force of falling trees.  A boat was being used today to survey the more remote areas where those seasonal homes are located. 

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Eversource is reporting that substantial restoration of service to much of Brookfield should be made by Sunday Afternoon, but town officials caution that some side roads and roads with significant damage may take longer to restore.  Town officials thanked the Volunteer and Career Fire Department, Law Enforcement and EMS personnel involved with the Regional Strike Teams that deployed to town to help with the aftermath of the storm. 
Brookfield High School shelter continues to be open and is accepting pets, for those needing it.  Water containers can be filled at the Police Station on Silvermine Road, at the Pocono Road Firehouse and at the Candlewood Company Firehouse on Bayview Drive in the Candlewood Shores.
A senior representative from Eversource has been working with the Newtown Emergency Response Team.  First Selectman Dan Rosenthal cautioned that 48 hours from the storm, this is the time when patience is low and accidents can happen. He urged caution when clearing properties and out driving.
Eversource appears to have made some significant progress in restoring  electricity to some Greater Danbury area towns.  Bethel and Ridgefield saw enough tree clearing and power coming back to reopen schools for the first time since Tuesday. 
Eversource estimates restoration in Bethel will be "substantially complete" by midnight tonight. However, some Bethel homes are supplied via a circuit that runs through Newtown, which suffered worse damage. First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says they have been advised that some homes may not be restored until Sunday.

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The theft of several vehicles in the Town of Washington is under investigation.  State Police say three unknown people stole a car from a driveway on Sunday.  The vehicle was unlocked and the key was left inside the vehicle.  Yesterday, a Mercedes was stolen from a driveway, but found abandoned a short distance away.  Two other vehicles , both unlocked with the keys accessible, were also taken from a driveway yesterday.  The thefts happened on Calhoun Street, Hinkle Road and Turner Road.  State Police are reminding residents not to leave valuables in the car, but if you must, lock them up and keep them out of sight. Anyone with information is asked to contact Troop L-Litchfield at 860-626-7900.

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Ruby O'Neill has filed the required paperwork in order to run in the Republican primary for Congress in the 5th District.  Despite launching her campaign two weeks before the nominating convention, O'Neill received 41-percent of delegate votes.  The endorsed candidate, Manny Santos, also faces a primary challenge from Rich Dupont.
Jahana Hayes has officially decided to primary to be the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 5th District.  She secured the party's nomination on the second ballot, but narrowly lost to Mary Glassman after what Hayes says was some questionable vote switches out of New Britain.

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Greater Danbury area emergency responders are urging residents to use caution as power outages continue. That includes avoiding the use of candles due to the risk of fire if left unattended.  Outside cooking equipment should not be used inside and generators need to be kept at least 20 feet from the house. 

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Eversource appears to have made some significant progress in restoring electricity to some Greater Danbury area towns.  Bethel and Ridgefield saw enough tree clearing and power coming back to reopen schools for the first time since Tuesday. 
Redding is down to about 100 customers without power as of Friday morning.  Eversource work is expected to be substantially complete by this evening, with about a thousand outages remaining.  Sherman has about 300 outages reported with power expected to be back for most residents by tomorrow afternoon.
Eversource is still anticipating to have power substantially restored to the four hardest hit towns by noon on Sunday.  Those impacted towns are Brookfield, Danbury, New Fairfield and Newtown.  In Brookfield, about 74-percent of the town remains in the dark.  Newtown and Danbury each have more than 4,100 outages reported Friday morning. 
98-percent of New Fairfield is still without service.  One of the main roads in New Fairfield, Route 37, remains mostly blocked by downed trees and wires. 
In one case there was an electric wire propped up on a tree limb to lift it off the road.  Fallen electric poles, transmission lines and other infrastructure dots the sides of Route 37. 
There are detours off the detours in order to get from one side of town to the other.
BETHEL midnight Friday 
BROOKFIELD noon Sunday
DANBURY noon Sunday
MONROE  noon Sunday
NEW FAIRFIELD midnight Saturday
NEWTOWN noon Sunday
REDDING midnight Friday
RIDGEFIELD midnight Saturday
SHERMAN noon Saturday
SOUTHBURY noon Saturday


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A Brookfield family of four had to be hospitalized for treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning in what the office of emergency management is calling a near-tragic incident. A resident was running a generator inside their garage.  Three people are being treated at Danbury Hospital and one has been transferred for more advanced care to an out of state hospital.  Brookfield officials say there have been some chain saw accidents resulting in injuries.  Proper protective equipment should be worn when operating chain saws, and extreme caution used.

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Following Superstorm Sandy and Irene, Eversource made it a priority to have a representative available to work with each municipal official to coordinate power recovery.  Spokeswoman Tricia Modifica says the liaison assigned to New Fairfield was working with the town remotely and Wednesday night was asked to come to their storm room.  The liaison was in a car accident on the way yesterday so a new person had to be assigned and is now working with the first selectman on recovery efforts.

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There will be dumpsters available in Newtown starting this morning for residents to throw away spoiled food.  They will be located at Newtown High School and the Hawleyville and Dodgingtown Fire Departments.  Bottled water is available at all five fire departments in Newtown, in addition to their exterior water faucets.  A senior representative from Eversource has been working with the Newtown Emergency Response Team.  First Selectman Dan Rosenthal cautioned that 48 hours from the storm, this is the time when patience is low and accidents can happen. He urged caution when clearing properties and out driving.

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A North Salem educator has been identified as the woman killed in New Fairfield Tuesday when a tree fell on her car.  Art teacher  Lauren Svendsen was pronounced dead at the scene.  Her 3-year old son was uninjured, but transported to the Hospital for evaluation.  Police have not yet identified the Danbury man who also died in the storm when a tree fell on his truck. 

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